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Martyrdom of Muammar Gaddafi: Doc-film premiere & book launch

The Malcolm X Movement proudly hosts the premier of a hard-hitting, informative and inspiring look at African and Libyan popular anti-imperialist resistance entitled Nato War on Libya (53mins). We are also hosting at the same event a book launch of a collection of writings about the martyrdom of Muammar Gaddafi entitled On the Martyrdom of Muammar Gaddafi: 21st Century Fascism and Resistance. One of our MXM coordinators - Sukant Chandan is the editor of the book and the filmmaker of the doc.

The event takes place this Sat 29th Oct at 6pm at Marx Memorial Library,  EC1R 0DU (£5 suggested entry). The Libyan community are kindly and generously providing free Libyan snacks and refreshments at this event.

Please find the Facebook event page HERE.

In solidarity
MXM Coordinators Team


Remembering Tupac Shakur 20 Years On
Part of Malcolm X Movement's 'Year of the Panther' 

Doors open 2pm / 230pm start - 530pm, Rich Mix (upstairs) 35-47 Bethnal Green Rd, London E1 6LA

An afternoon of music, spoken word, scholars, activists, discussions, open mic/cypher and best clips of Tupac's interviews and speeches

Poetic Pilgrimage - Hip-Hop
Amy True - Concious Hip-Hop/Soul
Richard Sudan - Spoken word, Malcolm X Movement
Ayishat Akanbi - Fashion designer and #BlackLivesMatter protest organiser
Apex - Hip Hop MC
Crazy Haze - Musician and human rights activist
Margaret Atugonza - Jazz singer, Malcolm X Movement
Hosted by I am Hip-Hop and Malcolm X Movement - Rishma Dhaliwal, Sukant Chandan, Maya Rattrey

Organised by Malcolm X Movement, I am Hip-Hop and Intifada Street


Black Marxism: Remembering Cedric Robinson's life and work


6pm Fri 05 August
Marx Memorial Library
37A Clerkenwell Green, London EC1R 0DU
£5 suggested entry

CEDRIC ROBINSON is a leading Black radical scholar who passed on to the Ancestors on June 5 this year. This event is focused on paying respect to him by exploring his fascinating work: Black Marxism, a work that has contributed great to a decolonial Black radical contribution in highlighting the importance of unearthing a Black and African radical tradition and how this has informed Black and African resistance to colonialism and for liberation. 


Dr Denise Da Silva - Director and Associate Professor at the Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Social Justice at the Uni of British Columbia. Her research areas include Critical Racial and Ethnic Studies, Feminist Theory and Latin American & Caribbean Studies. Her recent publications include Race, Empire and the Postcolonial – A Handbook (with Mark Harris, London: Routledge/Cavendish, 2015). She is also the author of Toward a Global Idea of Race (2007).

Dr Brian Alleyne - Was as a research assistant at the CLR James Institute. For many years he was a volunteer at the George Padmore Institute in North London. That Institute is made up of a collective of activists, writers and activists about whose work Brian wrote a book, Radicals Against Race (Berg 2002)

Nigel Carter - UNISON Black Self-Organised Group Activist currently based in Oxford. Former reporter with the campaigning weekly Caribbean; African Times Newspaper (Hansib Publishing). Research interests are Black and African Diaspora History, Black Self-Organization and Cultural Politics.

Chair: Sukant Chandan from the Malcolm X Movement

*By attending this event you are giving permission to be filmed unless you state otherwise to the organisers


The Greatest! Muhammad Ali memorial event


Sohail Daulatzai - scholar on Ali and author of Black Star Crescent Moon

Leila Howe & Darcus Howe - leading Black radical figures from Race Today Collective and Black Unity Freedom Party

George Shire - Zimbabwean heritage decolonial scholar speaking on Rumble in the Jungle

Stafford Scott - Tottenham Rights and Broadwater Farm resistance

Ishmahil Blagrove - leading radical Black filmmaker of RiceNPeas films

Saqib Deshmukh - Justice for Paps, UFFC and Malcolm X Movement

Chair - Sukant Chandan - Malcolm X Movement

Other speakers tbc.


Anti-Imperialist Prisoners - Palestine, Syria, Libya & Turkey

Fri 06 May, Marx Memorial Library
37A Clerkenwell Green, Farringdon, EC1R 0DU
Doors open 6pm for a 630pm sharp start
£5 suggested entry

Facebook event page

THIS event seeks to bring together the situations and struggles of detainees and prisoners in the jails of Daesh and other death squads in Libya and Syria, in Turkey, and the colonial occupation force in Palestine.

Moussa Ibrahim - Libyan Peoples National Movement (Libyan Resistance). This will be the only speaker adressing the event via live internet link

Ashjan Ashour - On anti-colonial resistance amongst Palestinian prisoners

Steve Kaczynski - Former political prisoner held in Turkey

Issa Chaer - On the plight of detainees held by Daesh in Syria

Elif Sarican Kurdish Students Union, speaking on Kurdish political prisoners in Turkey

Organised by the Malcolm X Movement:
FB: Malcolm X Movement
YouTube: Malcolm X Movement
Twitter: @mxmovement

By attending this event you are giving permission that you might appear in the filming of the event which will be uploaded publicly onto social media


A Historic and Unique Blow to British Colonialism!

Facebook event page

Fri 13 May, 2016
Doors open at 6pm, 630pm sharp start, ends at 9pm
Marx Memorial Libray
37a, Clerkenwell Green, Farringdon EC1R 0DU
£5 suggested entry

A Historic and Unique Blow to British Colonialism!

The 1916 Irish Easter Uprising against British colonialism was one of the most important global revolutionary developments at the time, and shook the empire to its very core and inspired a new wave of revolutionary struggle against colonialism throughout Africa and Asia. This event seeks to bring this history and legacy to new generations of Black, Asian and working class anti-imperialist socialist youth. This event brings some the best of anti-imperialist voices to speak to this subject and to inform and inspire us.

SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKER: BERNADETTE MACALISKEY - A leader of the Bogside resistance, one of the youngest MPs ever and veteran republican socialist

SAEB SHAATH - Former PLO Ambassador to Ireland speaking on the impact of the Easter Uprising on the struggle of the Arab peoples against colonialism

HAKIM ADI - World renowned Black radical scholar and historian speaking on the impact of the Uprising on African liberation

Gerard MacNamara - From 'Crimes of Britain', speaking on the importance of the Uprising on anti-imperialist youth today

Chair: Sukant Chandan - A coordinator at the Malcolm X Movement

Other speakers tbc

This event is organised by the Malcolm X Movement and Crimes of Britain

Attending this event means that you are giving consent to possibly be in the video footage of the event which will be uploaded on social media.


Malcolm X Movement presents:


# In partnership with the Black Panther Alumni

# 50years since the founding of the Black Panthers

# Recruiting now for the Black Panther Research Project

# Learn about the roots, ideologies, successes and limitations of the Black Panthers, includes veteran leading Panthers delivering some of the research sessions in person!

#4 separate visits of Black Panther Alumni visiting London for concerts, exhibitions, panel and Q&A events. Events in spring, summer, autumn and winter

# Open invitation for supporting organisations to get involved.

The Malcolm X Movement is commemorating 50 years since the founding of the one of the most important and effective revolutionary organisations from within the 'West': the Black Panther Party for Self-Defence. The MXM is offering an amazing opportunity in our Black Panther Research Project as part of the 'Year of the Panther' initiative. The MXM and all its projects is non-funded and done solely through the voluntary dedication of its coordinators, members, activists and allies. The Black Panther Research Project will involve dozens of research sessions with experts in the field of the Panthers and related subjects in understanding the achievements and limitations of the Panthers, its roots, legacy and on-going relevance. The Black Panther Research Project will also have exclusive research sessions with leading former Black Panther leaders themselves in person!

The Panthers were a Black radical, anti-imperialist and socialist organisation that showed what is possible in terms of community organising, revolutionary consciousness building, concrete global solidarity and unity against imperialism, and opposing racism and capitalist-imeprialism in our own communities in relation to police brutality, working to get young people out of street gangs and developing them as revolutionaries amongst many other things.

This is a free course, open to people from the age of 16years old upwards. The project is London-based but are open to including participants from outside of London and England, by using social media and other learning tools for maximising inclusion. We have a capacity of around 30 participants, but are keen to include as many participants as we possibly can.

Please email to get involved!

Malcolm X Movement Coordinators Team

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