Sunday, 28 May 2017

'We told British govt they were advancing terrorists in Libya'

The Malcolm X Movement are very concerned that it is being exposed in many media reports for example here, here and here that the British intelligence services seems to have much more knowledge of the recent history and movements of the Salman Adedi the Manchester attacker than they and the British government are owning-up to. The Malcolm X Movement are proudly connected to and support the struggle of the Libyan people to resist terrorism and Nato and to struggle to reunify and stabilise their country and once again socialise their wealth for the benefit of the many and the African continent. We work with the anti-imperialist Libyan community also in England, and have had events with them and will do including the event coming up Libyans Against Terrorism, Racism and Slavery and Colonialism in late July this year. Moussa Ibrahim is our comrade, he was the last English-language media spokesperson for the Libyan Jamahirya, the socialist Libyan state that was destroyed by Nato and terrorist forces in 2011. He recently commented to us about his attempts at trying to critically engage the British government about their collusion with violent supremacist political forces in Libya, we at the MXM thought we should share this with you, as this is an issue that the British public need to know about that can better inform them further, beyond the mass rejection of the manner in which the British government has cynically tried to use the tragedy and horror of the Manchester terrorist attack:

"We told them all, British government and British media, collectively and one on one, publicly and in confidential meetings, that they were funding, arming and advancing the cause of the terrorists. They refused to listen. They understood it all. they planned it, they envisioned it, they hoped for it. Western Capitalism cannot survive without global wars, international terrorism, foreign intervention, and chaos. It is all part of the profit-making, money-generating mechanisms to feed the Capitalist Monster. It is not about religion, human rights or democracy. It is an essential, long-practiced and well-established strategy of imperialism. The left are idiots who lost their way and are unable to use genuine analytical tools and critical thinking to see through the lies and misinformation. They are intellectually and emotionally enslaved by the oppressive forces they claim to fight against. They have the minds and hearts of sheep." (comment made to MXM on 27/05/17)

Moussa Ibrahim also delivered a talk to the Malcolm X Film Festival series of events that we delivered in spring 2015, including this event in West Belfast:

Friday, 26 May 2017

Salman Abedi: How David Cameron and Theresa May brought their Libyan Revolution to Manchester

Salman Abedi: How David Cameron and Theresa May brought their Libyan Revolution to Manchester

By James Stuart, a Malcolm X Movement Coordinator

If the Labour leadership had any guts at all they would go all guns blazing on the developing Abedi collusion scandal. This tory government was central to unleashing hell on Libya, it sent scores of British Libyan terrorist exiles it had given aid and shelter to, back to Libya as its boots on the ground in their 2011 war on Libya.

British born Salman Abedi was one of them. His father had been a member, in the 1980s and 90s, of the (proto-al Qaeda) Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, a fanatical sectarian murder gang that brought terrorism to Libya and was sheltered and funded by the UK.

This is as clear cut a case of collusion as you will ever see. Even more so than the murky, but long proven and exposed, connections between British intelligence and sectarian loyalist paramilitary murder gangs in the six counties, this time the Prime Minister openly announced it.

As Home Secretary and in regular contact with the UK's intelligence services through the Joint
Intelligence Committees, Theresa May would have been central to greenlighting the recruitment of terrorists and sending them to Libya and elsewhere. And, crucially, in her role as boss of the UK Border Agency, in giving them entry to live in the UK and the British passports that allowed them to travel across borders unhindered.

That one of those terrorists, taking the training and contacts he had been granted only by the collusion of the British government's work in Libya, has come home and used his skills to bring the Libyan "revolution" back to the UK, should be hammered home by the opposition.

That 22 innocent people, many of them children, died in Manchester is intrinsically linked to the many thousands more innocents that died in Libya, and are still dying today, often washing up on Europe's beaches. It is a scandal of monumental proportions and needs to be brought fully to public attention

(Of course, it is pertinent to remember that large sections of the English Left fully supported this "revolution" and the terror and destruction it wrought, and still do support it as it continues in Syria)

To imagine that Salman Abedi, who was sixteen years old and still at school when he was first sent to fight in Libya in 2011, and was a frequent traveller to what is left of that country to engage in further acts of terrorism at will, up until just a few weeks ago, could do so without the full knowledge of the British intelligence services is beyond credibility.

Indeed they admit Salman Abedi was "known" to them, in actual fact he has to have been in direct contact with them. We also know that British intelligence and special forces are on the ground even now in Libya continuing to sow chaos and destruction, just as Salman Abedi and his father and brother were.

From Ireland to Afghanistan, to Libya and Syria, collusion between British intelligence services and the most ideologically reactionary and sectarian terrorist death squads has been standard operating procedure for British counter insurgency policy against states and movements it wished to overthrow for at least half a century or more.

There are so many questions that absolutely must be raised and demanded to be answered. Jeremy Corbyn should be calling for a full inquiry into what was known and by who. Who greenlighted Abedi, as a child, being recruited to fight in Libya? In fact we know the buck stops with Cameron, Hague and Theresa May. Now is the time to bring them to account.


Thursday, 25 May 2017

event: Libyans against terrorism, slavery & colonialism

Libyans against terrorism, slavery & colonialism
630pm Fri 28 July
Housmans Bookshop
5 Caledonian Road
N1 9DY

Facebook event page

Libyan people from different parts of Libya will be speaking about terrorism in Libya and its roots and nature and how it reaches other parts of the world including Manchester. They will be speaking about the on-going persecution of darker skinned Libyan and non-Libyan African people, exposing the realities of the people smuggling and who is behind them. There will also be a person from Tawergha (pictured are internally displaced children from Tawergha), which was the ONLY Black African town in North Africa which has been totally wiped out by Nato proxy armed gangs.

MXM event: Somalia Resists Famine, relief worker's report back

Somalia Resists Famine: relief worker's report back
630pm Fri 23 June
Housmans Bookshop
5 Caledonian Road
N1 9DY
£5 suggested entry

Facebook event page

Somalia is a proud people with a leading anti-colonial past and recent history. A once stable and prosperous liberated country it has in recent decades been ravaged by imperialist-instigated destabilisation. Today in part as consequence to all this the Somali people have been facing a drought and famine. Mohammed Ibrahim Shire (pictured) has been doing excellent work by returning to the Homeland from England to assist directly with the relief work and will be educating us about what is happening there and putting it into wider political contexts. 

Mohammed Shire is also the author of one of the only political biographies of Somali anti-imperialist socialist leader Siad Barre, he will be bringing some copies with him to sign and sell.