Sunday, 28 May 2017

'We told British govt they were advancing terrorists in Libya'

The Malcolm X Movement are very concerned that it is being exposed in many media reports for example here, here and here that the British intelligence services seems to have much more knowledge of the recent history and movements of the Salman Adedi the Manchester attacker than they and the British government are owning-up to. The Malcolm X Movement are proudly connected to and support the struggle of the Libyan people to resist terrorism and Nato and to struggle to reunify and stabilise their country and once again socialise their wealth for the benefit of the many and the African continent. We work with the anti-imperialist Libyan community also in England, and have had events with them and will do including the event coming up Libyans Against Terrorism, Racism and Slavery and Colonialism in late July this year. Moussa Ibrahim is our comrade, he was the last English-language media spokesperson for the Libyan Jamahirya, the socialist Libyan state that was destroyed by Nato and terrorist forces in 2011. He recently commented to us about his attempts at trying to critically engage the British government about their collusion with violent supremacist political forces in Libya, we at the MXM thought we should share this with you, as this is an issue that the British public need to know about that can better inform them further, beyond the mass rejection of the manner in which the British government has cynically tried to use the tragedy and horror of the Manchester terrorist attack:

"We told them all, British government and British media, collectively and one on one, publicly and in confidential meetings, that they were funding, arming and advancing the cause of the terrorists. They refused to listen. They understood it all. they planned it, they envisioned it, they hoped for it. Western Capitalism cannot survive without global wars, international terrorism, foreign intervention, and chaos. It is all part of the profit-making, money-generating mechanisms to feed the Capitalist Monster. It is not about religion, human rights or democracy. It is an essential, long-practiced and well-established strategy of imperialism. The left are idiots who lost their way and are unable to use genuine analytical tools and critical thinking to see through the lies and misinformation. They are intellectually and emotionally enslaved by the oppressive forces they claim to fight against. They have the minds and hearts of sheep." (comment made to MXM on 27/05/17)

Moussa Ibrahim also delivered a talk to the Malcolm X Film Festival series of events that we delivered in spring 2015, including this event in West Belfast:

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