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So Did Hitler Really Support Zionism?

In the recent growing political maelstrom in Britain around the imperialist and allied Zionist (supporters of the colonial settler entity of Israel) bullying against the Corbyn leadership of the Labour Party with one of the party's most important figures - Ken Livingston - being suspended in the midst of this with hunt, the following related comment is interesting. In this comment by As'ad Abukhalil from the Angry Arab blog, he lays out some research as to the relations of Palestinian leaders with the Nazis and the Nazis attitudes towards the Zionist movement. For the part of the Malcolm X Movement, we are against all forms of colonial supremacism, be it against Black people, Muslims, Jews, and all those who are unjustly colonially racialised by colonialism and now imperialism today.

Hitler and Hajj Amin and the Western and Arab falsification of history

Hitler said: "Jews should seek their human rights in their own state in Palestine, where they belong"

I don't think that we should be dragged into a discussion of the fool, Hajj Amin Husayni.  But the entire discussion about him (in the West and East) has become burned by vulgar and crude Zionist propaganda.  I wrote an article about the matter in Arabic for today's Al-Akhbar so I will just summarize key points. 1) The propaganda about Hajj Amin has only been intensifying: not motivated by history but by the desire to besmirch and stigmatize the Palestinian people and their just cause.  Netanyahu is borrowing from the body of propaganda trash literature produced by Zionists.

Witness this book by Barry Rubin and Wolfgang Schwanitz: Nazis, Islamists, and the Making of the Modern Middle East.  It says on page 6: "After their (Hajj Amin and Hitler) meeting, they concluded the pact of Jewish genocide in Europe and the Middle East, and immediately afterwards, Hitler gave the orders to prepare for the Holocaust". The worst part is that this trash was published by Yale University Press.  I mean, we have a record of the meeting and there was no discussion of the Holocaust and Hajj Amin discussed very specific political matters, and he typically asked for support but he was too dumb to realize that Nazi government was not in any way interested in lending a hand to the Arab people.

In his definitive biography of Hiter, Ian Kershaw does not even mention Hajj Amin once in his massive book. Not once. Notice in the Zionist historiography, Alfred Rosenberg, the real anti-Semitic genocidal "thinker" of the Nazi regime, and the one who had an impact on the hateful mind of Hitler, takes a back seat to Hajj Amin.

Look at this reference in Icon of Evil: Hitler's Mufti and the rise of Radical Islam by David Dalin and John Rothmann about Hajj Amin's days in Berlin: "As the Mufti was driven down the Wilhelmstrasse, adoring crowds of Palestinian Arab expatriates lined the streets to cheer and pay homage to their revered leader, the Grossmufti von Jerusalem". (p. 5).  Adoring crowds of Palestinian Arab expatriates in Berlin? How many of them were there? 3 to 4 Palestinians exactly?  Worse, notice that Hajj Amin becomes Hitler's Mufti. Pretty soon Zionist fabricators will render it like this: Hitler will become Mufti's Hitler.  All these writings are really Nazi apologia of the likes you see in the writings of David Irving and other Holocaust deniers.

2) Hajj Amin was not the only Arab who met his Hitler or Nazi leaders because he was the enemy of the enemies of the Arabs in the Arab East.  Shakir Arsalan also met with Nazi leaders and established relations with the Nazi regime.  (Read the account in William Cleveland about the relationship between Arsalan and Nazi leaders although Cleveland makes it clear that Arsalan was less corrupt financially than Hajj Amin who kept asking the Germans for more funding in his fancy dwelling in Berlin.  In fact, Arsalan prepared perhaps the first comprehensive Arabic translations of Mein Kampf but it was never published (see Nazi Propaganda for the Arab World by Jeffrey Herf, p. 42).  We don't know if a manuscript still exist and why the Nazis never used it.  Is it because Fritz Grobba (a key Middle East expert at the German government) warned of how Arabs will see the racism against them in the book?  Not sure.

Palestinian leader, Musa Alami, also met with German officials although we don't have a record of the meeting and Alami never mentions the matter in Musa Alami: Palestine is My Country: the Story of Musa Alami.  But the worst meeting by an Arab official and Hitler is by far the official representative of King Abdul-`Aziz, Khalid Al-Hud Gargani.  We have a record of the meeting: that was an Arab who basically discussed genocidal anti-Semitic plans with Hitler. The man even compared Hitler to Muhammad and told him that his battle against Jews is not different from the battle between Muhammad and Jews of Medina.

King `Abdul-`Aziz wanted to pursue a relationship with Hitler but was impeded by 1) his subservience to the British; 2) his desire to have one of his sons become King of Jordan and he wanted British support for that.  4) Arabs have been largely misled by Zionist propaganda which led many to think that Hitler was a friend of the Arabs and foe of Zionism.  Not true at all.  The Nazi regime in fact pursued a Zionist policy in the Middle East and supported the creation of Jewish state before it was formed (Rosenberg was the only raising a stink about that given his firm belief in the trashy Protocols of the Elders of Zion).

As Nicosia pointed out in The Third Reich and the Palestine Question, Hitler overruled his aids even after 1937 Peel Commission when Britain made it clear that it was pursuing a Jewish state in Palestine and called for continued support of Jewish immigration into Palestine. Nazi regime even indulged Zionist organizations in Germany because both were working for the flight of Jews into Palestine.

People in West and East miss a key aspect about Nazism: that its anti-Semitism was consistent with its Zionism: and that is true of many Western Zionists, including US and British officials and even southern Baptists of the US.  In one speech from 1920, Hitler said: "Jews should seek their human rights in their own state in Palestine, where they belong" (p. 28 in Nicosia).  Hajj Amin is guilty of ignorance and stupidity among other political sins.  I can go on but just wanted to share this.  And the Havana Transfer Agreement has been discussed in the literature.  If we rightly speak of (and against) appeasement to Hitler, the Zionists were clearly among those appeasers.

4) Zionist movement and later state tried hard to extract "confessions" from Nazi officials after war to basically admit that indeed Hajj Amin was the guy who founded the Nazi ideology and regime.  They tried so hard with Eichamann to get a confirmation and were very disappointed with his mention that he met him once in passing.  As for the constant references to Eichamann's deputy, Dieter Wisliceny, of course, he was more than willing in Nuremberg to basically say that it was not Hitler or the German Nazi were were responsible but that Hajj Amin did it all.

Thursday, 28 April 2016

500 African People Dead off the Libyan Coast

Malcolm X Movement: 500 martyred at one time! What's the context? Five years on, the African and Arab country of Libya that was thrown into death squad & people smuggling and torturing horror by Nato, its allied proxies and the near entire western left and radicals still has no campaign or voices raised for the struggle for justice for the Libyans, the people of Tawergha, Black Libyans in the hitherto only Black town in north Africa of which the entire population of 40,000 people are totally wiped out. Libyans are still fighting these criminals and these crimes, Black people in Libya and allied to all other shades of people in Libya are fighting for liberation. The fact that is all being totally ignored by radicals five years and continuing exposes all that needs to be known about western supposed radicals and lefties. The Malcolm X Movement will continue to raise our voices and efforts with them, and all additional voices and efforts are more than welcome.

MXM Coordinator on Chinese TV Speaking on Libya

Love and Respect to Dima Al-Wawi, Youngest Detainee in Settler Colonial (Israeli) Jail

Happier times once she is at home:

Solidarity with the Hillsborough Families

Malcolm X Movement: The unity and determination of the families of those 96 killed Liverpool in 1989 has been inspiring, they have been single minded in defying and resisting all UK state and media attempts to shut them down, and instead their patience and perseverance has paid off and the police have been found to have have held primary and overwhelmingly responsibility for the deaths, despite the police and media blaming the Liverpool fans.

While today is historic, it is a massive step towards real justice which is the police being brought to justice, as well as well as bringing to justice those responsible for the dirty lies against Liverpool fans by the govt and media. The govt has already stated that they consider today as an end to this chapter, but people will fight on to get full justice for their loved ones.

Today's inquest findings comes at an important historical juncture, the UK capitalist-imperialist system is in deep and growing crises linked to the global imperialist crisis which is resulting in the increases in all oppressions, poverty war and western-backed terrorism and war has increased. It's not Black and Asian people and immigrants and refugees that are responsible for any of this crises, it's the UK state and imperialist system is behind the institutional racism of the police, of the state organised child and sex abuse rings, of colluding with terrorists in the Muslim world while they lie and tell us they are fighting terrorism, the tax haven scandals while the poorest are hit harder.
All of these scandals and more should result in the English people taking to the streets in their millions to tear down this govt and system and instead to have a system and society that gives dignity, decent free housing, education and full employment and peace and partnership and to right the wrongs of colonialism with the rest of the world.

Jamelia Explains That Beyonce Has Become 'Too Black' For Some!

Malcolm X Movement states: Black anti-imperialist and radical novelist and playwright James Baldwin said "the power of the white world is threatened whenever a black man refuses to accept the white world's definitions", in some ways the White world is even more threatened when the Black woman refuses to accept the White imperialist world's definitions, and this is so when it has come to Beyonce's recent growing affiliation with and participating to inspire further the burgeoning Black radical upsurge in the USA.

Piers Morgan is a sleazy and racist arrogant Englishman in the media. He wrote a highly insulting article attacking Beyoncé for ceasing to be the safe artist on the western entertainment industry around whom Morgan could feel comfortable with and could sleaze on her as he must have felt some superiority in relation to a young Black woman who he could take shopping. Jamelia said, that he while he as happy having a cosy tea party with her years ago he is now crying and attacking Beyoncé cos she is now aligned to a Black liberation culture and movement that is in direct defiance and resistance to the white supremacist imperialist world which facilitates Morgan his sense of superiority.

Jamelia has written an article correctly stating that Morgan is upset that Beyoncé is now "too black" therefore 'too strong' for his liking. Jamelia explains that the process of having children often makes people identity with other children who are facing oppression as Beyoncé does in being concerned for Black children and youth.

Jamelia's article 
Morgan's article

Stand-up for Palestine! Resist Colonial Bullying!

The following is a comment from Malcolm X Movement coordinator Sukant Chandan on the current crisis engulfing the Labour Party as a result of bullying from the UK state and its elements from its junior ally, Israel:

This is madness, Ken Livingstone is right, the pro-Israel lobby - along with the imperialist press - are attempting (and doing quite well) in blunting, neutering and shutting down all criticism of the white colonial settler state of 'israel' and support for the Palestinians and wider struggle for Arab liberation against the colonial settler apartheid state. This line of attack is also another means by which to knonk off balance, confuse, divide and weaken the Corbyn led parliamentary Labour Party and wider left, and its working well.

Those leading this attack are using one correct thing: that the Palestinian cause is used by anti-Jewish racists, we have a fair few nut jobs like this such as former KKK grand wizard david duke who has plenty of mates in and around pro Palestine circles. However, this correct issue is used in a underhand and incorrect manner against all those who support Palestine.

We need to UP the anti-imperialist militancy against imperialism and its allies in the region, we need leading voices who are unapologetic and can use this current witch hunting to educate and inspire greater militancy while vigilantly guarding against colonial supremacism of any kind including anti-Jewish bullshit.

Labour MP Naz Shah (who beat Galloway in Bradford last election) has been a total embarrassment and has sought to protect her career and money from it over and above any principles and any chance of a stiff retort to the current witch hunting. She has been hounded and apologised three times and is being used to intimidate others into similar slavish and cowering climb downs. And why? Cos Naz Shah shared a picture which said israel should be re-located to the USA; a lazy attack on israel's colonial occupation, but calling it 'anti-semitic' is stretching things very very far.

The behaviour of pro-israeli zionists and imperialists is such an important example of how many in a group of people oppressed by european colonialism and racism (Jewish people) can in response turn around and act like the assymetric (smaller mirror images) of the colonialists and imperialists themselves. Well done Ken, but you're down the river without a paddle, there is no sign that Labour and the left are willing and able to turn the tables on this, and every sign they are quivering at the knees and are buckling one person after the other. I they kept George Galloway on their team and not shut him out into the cold where he has taken all kinds of positions that are deeply problematic, maybe George could have led a real push back and he often does when we are pushed into a corner.

Like I always say: we peoples of the resistant global south deserve better, much better than all this, and one day, the global south diaspora here on this island will form united anti-imperialist decolonial organisations to fight for our peoples.

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Sunday, 17 April 2016

Saqib Deshmukh, MXM Coordinator and Community Advocate Reports on Anti-Fascist Mobilisation

Wycombe said NO to the English Defence League!

Malcolm X Movement coordinator Saqib Deshmukh was one of the lead organisers of the successful anti-fascist mobilisation against the far-right English Defence League. - MXM

High Wycombe Community Advocates (HWCA) were one of the key local groups behind the hugely successful counter demonstration against the EDL on Saturday April 9th. We were pleased overall that it went off relatively peacefully and it was great to see a mix of young and old and different sections of communities and political affiliations coming together. We hugely outnumbered the English Defence League whose presence only seemed larger due to the large number of police officers around them at all times! It showed how local and county/region wide groups could come together to find common purpose and ensure that there was effective opposition to the English Defence League. However, it also showed how out of touch how local leadership particularly in the Asian community are with what is happening on the ground.

What was important for us to demonstrate our leadership on the ground and ensure that white left groups understood this. We managed to work with Oxford UAF and young firebrands of High Wycombe Antifa and ensure that we had community based stewards/volunteers who helped us to manage the day. We were representing the local communities in the town and in particular the Asian/Muslim folk in High Wycombe. Many of our youth ignored the stay at home message and massive police presence to reach down to the latter rally. Many of them had been told at Friday prayers NOT to come into town! In our view this was Thames Valley Police scaremongering and community collusion at its finest. We see this as direct political interference by the police and this fundamentally conflicts with the police's legal duty to facilitate peaceful protest.

There was a minimum of trouble on Saturday, despite the scare tactics in place. However, we know that Thames Valley police needed to justify the massive deployment that took place. What we will be challenging the police on is why the racist clowns of the EDL were not arrested immediately for public order offences as soon as they got off their trains and coaches. It is clear that they were drunk and being disorderly in public, and in other contexts (football matches in particular) they would be charged and there were Section 34/35 in place to deal with anti-social behaviour. Having gone to many counter demos in recent years we’ve seen how close and chummy the cops get to these guys so it’s no surprise that they were not picked up.

There have also been a number of concerns that have been raised by ourselves and the other groups involved in our demonstration. The use of intelligence /evidence gathering teams was extremely obtrusive and bordering on harassment. Then when people covered their faces they were warned about breaching Section 60AA that was in place around not allowing faces to be covered. Additionally, the numbers of police deployed not proportionate to the actual threat being posed by the EDL and ourselves. Was this number of officers needed for the number of EDL and counter demonstrators present? Seriously poor intelligence on part of the police but the numbers present served their purpose to put off people coming out as the they effectively had the town on lock down.

There was a lack of local police/neighbourhood officers on duty so for example local African-Caribbean businesses on Desborough Road were not visited or given assurances on the day. On a wider basis many market traders and local businesses complained about a lack of information and visits from town centre management and police. HWCA had to provide reassurances/support to many of them before they decided to stay open otherwise the High Street in particular would have been deserted.

As ever the local media were selective in their coverage. One week there was strong TVP ‘riot police on standby’ message and then the day before one small article in printed edition. But we have little impartiality in the town and it’s clear from our campaigning and advocacy work how close they are to the police.

HWCA will be producing a report on last weekend's demonstrations and asking serious questions about the levels of policing present (and the cost of this), surveillance, and political interference and community collusion.  We will ensure that there is strong leadership that both questions those in power in the town and the brigade of community chumchay that give them legitimacy and cover.  As we maintain our battle is not just with the English Defence League but the daily grind of racism and harassment that our communities face from the authorities and the police. In the age of Prevent and Channel the challenge for us is greater than ever.

Saqib Deshmukh

Thursday, 14 April 2016

200th Anniversary of the Bussa-led Slave Revolt against British Colonialists

Big-up Bussa!

Exactly 200 years ago, on April 14th, 1816, a revolt was ignited by what seemed like the unlikeliest of leaders in the unlikeliest of places. The place was Barbados, a British-controlled plantation colony worked by enslaved Africans that had not seen a rebellion for 123 years; and the leader was Bussa, a slave who had been promoted to the level of manager. Managers were not supposed to revolt; indeed one of the major reasons for promoting intelligent slaves to such relatively privileged positions was to co-opt those with leadership potential into the system, providing an incentive for obedience. But Bussa was not to be co-opted; the rebellion quickly spread to 12 plantations, with almost 4000 enslaved Africans joining the revolt.

The whole region had been set ablaze by the Haitian revolution of the 1790s, which defeated French, Spanish and British troops to declare the first Black republic in 1804. To prevent further such imperial disasters, the British had abolished the slave trade and established a new code in an attempt to ensure slaves were not pushed to the point of rebellion elsewhere. Bussa’s rebellion, in a small and previously calm Caribbean island, showed that none of this was going to work; slavery itself would have to go. From this point on, it was just a matter of time, and in 1833 the abolition of slavery was formally declared.

Bussa’s rebellion should be remembered, for it holds important and pertinent lessons for our current rulers: 1, that attempts to co-opt people into supporting injustice do not always work and 2, Rebellions can emerge in the most unsuspected of places, amongst even the most apparently obedient subjects.

(Thanks to MXM coordinator Dan Glazebrook)

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Remember Britain's Most Notorious Massacre in India, and the Act of Vengeance it Inspired

On the 13 April 1919 in Amritsar, Punjab the Brits using Asian (Gurkha) mercenaries conducted a massacre of up to 1000 peaceful anti-colonial protestors. Thousands of people were gathered on one of the region's most popular festival. General O'Dwyer was a sadistic leader of the British colonialists and ordered the South Asian mercenaries to shoot down men, women and children in their hundreds. It is said that a small child who witnessed the massacre later dedicated his life to avenge this massacre.

This massacre was avenged by Shaheed Udham Singh who shot dead the Brit general responsible at a public meeting in London on 13 March 1940. Shaheed Udham Singh was a individual operator attached to the left nationalist and socialist and communist trends of the national liberation movement especially the party of mutiny or the 'Ghadar' Movement of Punjabi people of all faiths. Shaheed Udham Singh was put on a secret trial where he called himself 'Mohammed Singh Azad' to symbolise Indian peoples unity towards freedom. He was executed by hanging and went to his martyrdom with honour and pride in his heart. He is considered a revolutionary saint by millions across India, Pakistan and across South Asia. The struggle of South Asian peoples against British imperialism continues today.

Public event: Anti-Imperialist Prisoners - Palestine, Syria, Libya & Turkey, Fri 06 May

Anti-Imperialist Prisoners - Palestine, Syria, Libya & Turkey

Fri 06 May, Marx Memorial Library
37A Clerkenwell Green, Farringdon, EC1R 0DU
Doors open 6pm for a 630pm sharp start
£5 suggested entry

Facebook event page

THIS event seeks to bring together the situations and struggles of detainees and prisoners in the jails of Daesh and other death squads in Libya and Syria, in Turkey, and the colonial occupation force in Palestine.

Moussa Ibrahim - Libyan Peoples National Movement (Libyan Resistance). This will be the only speaker adressing the event via live internet link

Ashjan Ashour - On anti-colonial resistance amongst Palestinian prisoners

Steve Kaczynski - Former political prisoner held in Turkey

Issa Chaer - On the plight of detainees held by Daesh in Syria

Elif Sarican - Kurdish Students Union, speaking on Kurdish political prisoners in Turkey

Organised by the Malcolm X Movement:
FB: Malcolm X Movement
YouTube: Malcolm X Movement
Twitter: @mxmovement

By attending this event you are giving permission that you might appear in the filming of the event which will be uploaded publicly onto social media