Thursday, 28 April 2016

500 African People Dead off the Libyan Coast

Malcolm X Movement: 500 martyred at one time! What's the context? Five years on, the African and Arab country of Libya that was thrown into death squad & people smuggling and torturing horror by Nato, its allied proxies and the near entire western left and radicals still has no campaign or voices raised for the struggle for justice for the Libyans, the people of Tawergha, Black Libyans in the hitherto only Black town in north Africa of which the entire population of 40,000 people are totally wiped out. Libyans are still fighting these criminals and these crimes, Black people in Libya and allied to all other shades of people in Libya are fighting for liberation. The fact that is all being totally ignored by radicals five years and continuing exposes all that needs to be known about western supposed radicals and lefties. The Malcolm X Movement will continue to raise our voices and efforts with them, and all additional voices and efforts are more than welcome.

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