Thursday, 28 April 2016

Stand-up for Palestine! Resist Colonial Bullying!

The following is a comment from Malcolm X Movement coordinator Sukant Chandan on the current crisis engulfing the Labour Party as a result of bullying from the UK state and its elements from its junior ally, Israel:

This is madness, Ken Livingstone is right, the pro-Israel lobby - along with the imperialist press - are attempting (and doing quite well) in blunting, neutering and shutting down all criticism of the white colonial settler state of 'israel' and support for the Palestinians and wider struggle for Arab liberation against the colonial settler apartheid state. This line of attack is also another means by which to knonk off balance, confuse, divide and weaken the Corbyn led parliamentary Labour Party and wider left, and its working well.

Those leading this attack are using one correct thing: that the Palestinian cause is used by anti-Jewish racists, we have a fair few nut jobs like this such as former KKK grand wizard david duke who has plenty of mates in and around pro Palestine circles. However, this correct issue is used in a underhand and incorrect manner against all those who support Palestine.

We need to UP the anti-imperialist militancy against imperialism and its allies in the region, we need leading voices who are unapologetic and can use this current witch hunting to educate and inspire greater militancy while vigilantly guarding against colonial supremacism of any kind including anti-Jewish bullshit.

Labour MP Naz Shah (who beat Galloway in Bradford last election) has been a total embarrassment and has sought to protect her career and money from it over and above any principles and any chance of a stiff retort to the current witch hunting. She has been hounded and apologised three times and is being used to intimidate others into similar slavish and cowering climb downs. And why? Cos Naz Shah shared a picture which said israel should be re-located to the USA; a lazy attack on israel's colonial occupation, but calling it 'anti-semitic' is stretching things very very far.

The behaviour of pro-israeli zionists and imperialists is such an important example of how many in a group of people oppressed by european colonialism and racism (Jewish people) can in response turn around and act like the assymetric (smaller mirror images) of the colonialists and imperialists themselves. Well done Ken, but you're down the river without a paddle, there is no sign that Labour and the left are willing and able to turn the tables on this, and every sign they are quivering at the knees and are buckling one person after the other. I they kept George Galloway on their team and not shut him out into the cold where he has taken all kinds of positions that are deeply problematic, maybe George could have led a real push back and he often does when we are pushed into a corner.

Like I always say: we peoples of the resistant global south deserve better, much better than all this, and one day, the global south diaspora here on this island will form united anti-imperialist decolonial organisations to fight for our peoples.

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