Thursday, 28 April 2016

Jamelia Explains That Beyonce Has Become 'Too Black' For Some!

Malcolm X Movement states: Black anti-imperialist and radical novelist and playwright James Baldwin said "the power of the white world is threatened whenever a black man refuses to accept the white world's definitions", in some ways the White world is even more threatened when the Black woman refuses to accept the White imperialist world's definitions, and this is so when it has come to Beyonce's recent growing affiliation with and participating to inspire further the burgeoning Black radical upsurge in the USA.

Piers Morgan is a sleazy and racist arrogant Englishman in the media. He wrote a highly insulting article attacking Beyoncé for ceasing to be the safe artist on the western entertainment industry around whom Morgan could feel comfortable with and could sleaze on her as he must have felt some superiority in relation to a young Black woman who he could take shopping. Jamelia said, that he while he as happy having a cosy tea party with her years ago he is now crying and attacking Beyoncé cos she is now aligned to a Black liberation culture and movement that is in direct defiance and resistance to the white supremacist imperialist world which facilitates Morgan his sense of superiority.

Jamelia has written an article correctly stating that Morgan is upset that Beyoncé is now "too black" therefore 'too strong' for his liking. Jamelia explains that the process of having children often makes people identity with other children who are facing oppression as Beyoncé does in being concerned for Black children and youth.

Jamelia's article 
Morgan's article

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