Thursday, 28 April 2016

Solidarity with the Hillsborough Families

Malcolm X Movement: The unity and determination of the families of those 96 killed Liverpool in 1989 has been inspiring, they have been single minded in defying and resisting all UK state and media attempts to shut them down, and instead their patience and perseverance has paid off and the police have been found to have have held primary and overwhelmingly responsibility for the deaths, despite the police and media blaming the Liverpool fans.

While today is historic, it is a massive step towards real justice which is the police being brought to justice, as well as well as bringing to justice those responsible for the dirty lies against Liverpool fans by the govt and media. The govt has already stated that they consider today as an end to this chapter, but people will fight on to get full justice for their loved ones.

Today's inquest findings comes at an important historical juncture, the UK capitalist-imperialist system is in deep and growing crises linked to the global imperialist crisis which is resulting in the increases in all oppressions, poverty war and western-backed terrorism and war has increased. It's not Black and Asian people and immigrants and refugees that are responsible for any of this crises, it's the UK state and imperialist system is behind the institutional racism of the police, of the state organised child and sex abuse rings, of colluding with terrorists in the Muslim world while they lie and tell us they are fighting terrorism, the tax haven scandals while the poorest are hit harder.
All of these scandals and more should result in the English people taking to the streets in their millions to tear down this govt and system and instead to have a system and society that gives dignity, decent free housing, education and full employment and peace and partnership and to right the wrongs of colonialism with the rest of the world.

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