Saturday, 26 March 2016

MXM's Year of the Panther, Four Black Panther Vets Coming Over to Deliver Exclusive Research Sessions!

Malcolm X Movement presents:

# In partnership with the Black Panther Alumni
# 50years since the founding of the Black Panthers
# Recruiting now for the Black Panther Research Project
# Learn about the roots, ideologies, successes and limitations of the Black Panthers, includes veteran leading Panthers delivering some of the research sessions in person!
4 separate visits of Black Panther Alumni visiting London for concerts, exhibitions, panel and Q&A events. Events in spring, summer, autumn and winter
# Open invitation for supporting organisations to get involved

The Malcolm X Movement is commemorating 50 years since the founding of the one of the most important and effective revolutionary organisations from within the 'West': the Black Panther Party for Self-Defence. The MXM is offering an amazing opportunity in our Black Panther Research Project as part of the 'Year of the Panther' initiative. The MXM and all its projects is non-funded and done solely through the voluntary dedication of its coordinators, members, activists and allies. The Black Panther Research Project will involve dozens of research sessions with experts in the field of the Panthers and related subjects in understanding the achievements and limitations of the Panthers, its roots, legacy and on-going relevance. The Black Panther Research Project will also have exclusive research sessions with leading former Black Panther leaders themselves in person!

The Panthers were a Black radical, anti-imperialist and socialist organisation that showed what is possible in terms of community organising, revolutionary consciousness building, concrete global solidarity and unity against imperialism, and opposing racism and capitalist-imeprialism in our own communities in relation to police brutality, working to get young people out of street gangs and developing them as revolutionaries amongst many other things.

This is a free course, open to people from the age of 16years old upwards. The project is London-based but are open to including participants from outside of London and England, by using social media and other learning tools for maximising inclusion. We have a capacity of around 30 participants, but are keen to include as many participants as we possibly can.

Please email to get involved!

Malcolm X Movement Coordinators Team

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